Envy Club – Theatrical Night Club

Art Direction, Entertainment, Technical Consutling, Event Management.

The promotors of the Envy Club wanted to create the first “Theatrical Club in Asia”.
As Art Director, I have has been missioned to imagine, created, design and stage all about the entertainment Cirque du Soleil inspiration style. I does so by recruiting a team of 30 artists, acrobats, circus performers, make up artists, Costume designers, technicians…

As Technical Consultant, I imagined and setup a unique concept of a mobile structural controlled transparent stage to move up and down from the ceiling thanks to Stagemaker hoists. Made of custom manufactured aluminum truss, all the technical and lighting was completely dismountable to regularly create new setups and always surprise audience.

I had to select all the the rigging, acrobatic and security equipment; design the backstage floor including warm-up area and changing rooms and, with construction engineers, the control room platform and the technical catwalk grid in the ceiling. One of the few most spectacular Entertainment Club in South-East Asia.

Video coming soon. Keep tuned…