Bitexco Financial Tower – Vietnam
40th National Anniversary of Reunification of Vietnam

Client: Ruggieri France (Geroc) – Bitexco Group

For an estimated audience of 1 million people, a high technolgies challenge with entirelly automatic time-coded controlled Fireworks show.

  • SOUND: 130.000w dispatched in 13 diffusion points all around District 1. Wireless connexion by HF diffusion,
  • LIGHT 250.000w with 40 prowash (skytracers) Xenon Light 7.000 kw and 4.000 kw. Consoles connected from main control room from the 51th floor to the ground floor by Optic Fiber signal transmission.
  • 16 high power generators, 60 technical staffs, 3 weeks preparation and onsite setup.

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