OGAWA BOOTHS – Massage Health equipment – Malaysia

Client: Ogawa

OGAWA is a Malaysian health and wellness retail store established in 1996 by Mr. Wong Lee Keong & Ms. Lim Poh Kian. Since then, OGAWA has grown into the leading player in the design, development and marketing health and wellness equipment in Malaysia.

The company having much problem with their standard booths and ask to develop concept able to stand 52 installs/years, easy to use, install, transport and obvioulsy representing well the brand. The idea was to simply interprate the style of their booths to make them same look but with inflatable design.

Original Booth: Solid material, metal, wood
16 staffs | 2 day setup – 750 kg | Packing 58m3

Solution: Inflatable
2-3 staffs | 20mn setup – 80kg | Packing 1m3

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