eXtension Concepts – Stretch and tension Fabric

The company that I founded in 2002 in Canada has been one of the very first one worldwide to develop designs and concepts based on the stretching of sepcific fabrics containing Lycra and Spandex. Developping the company as Head Designer and CEO, I had obviously to lead the main projects for famous high demanding clients in various indutries.

First serving event industry, I quickly diversify the activities to staging, exhibition and architectural designs. Beside these, I developed innovative new systems as possible simple to use by any one and also several specialized product has full frame 360 degrees circular projection, lighting systems, etc. Awarded for my work as designer and manufacturer, and was one of the very first to introduce Tension Fabric on these Canada and US markets and had opportunity to work for majors international client as F1-Formula 1, Cirque du soleil, L’Oréal, MGM Las-Vegas and hundreds others… Since 2014, , time I sold it to startup new projects in Asia, eXtension concepts follow its own way as branch of a major Audio-Visual actor.